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Still Living Undocumented: High School College and Beyond Teaching and Resource Guide

The guide has a series of three lessons to prepare students to view the Still Living Undocumented film, reflect on the how the DACA program has impacted some individuals and left others out of its reach and then consider new policies or programs for immigration reform. There are also local and national resources for undocumented students, families and their educators.

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Una Vida, Dos Países film bilingual curriculum in English and Spanish.  The unit plan consists of 5 lessons including an introduction to the film and lessons on identity, languages, economics and policies.  There are also 3 options for a final projects.

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Guía de Apoyo a Docentes con Estudiantes Transfronterizos: Alumnos de Educación Básica y Media Superior [Guide to Support Teachers of Transborder Students: Primary and Secondary Students]

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Social Justice and Latinos in NYC: 1913-2013


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Immigration: Stories, Struggles and Debates 

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Living Undocumented Lesson Plan and Resource Guide

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